Tazewell County Consolidated Communications TC3

Core Values

Statement of Core Values

At TC3 we have a large number of essential Core Values. This is because the services we render have critical importance to the people we serve. We accept those below as the foundation of our daily performance.

Accuracy – The nature of emergency response dictates the need for responders to arrive at the proper location, prepared for the particular event that has occurred or is unfolding.

Community – We serve the people who surround us and contribute to our well-being. It is our duty to assist any and all who request our services.

Confidentiality – We will keep the confidence of information protected by law and respect the identities and circumstance of who we serve.

Efficiency – We strive to perform our tasks in a straightforward manner without delay, distraction or prioritization by any metric other than the severity of the consequence of inaction.

Honesty – We will record all the facts and circumstance of all incidents and responses in a forthright manner.

Integrity – We will perform our tasks to the best of our abilities at all times, without compromise or excuse.

Patience – We understand that many of the persons we interact with are in a troubled emotional state. We will attempt to calm those who require understanding.

Respect – Every person that we interact with is different. We will afford respect to those that we interact with including the public, members of our client agencies and foremost, our co-workers.

Reliability – We will live and work in a manner which provides for the trust of the public, the members of the Agencies we serve and our fellow workers.

Service – We understand that what we do is important and bears significant responsibility. We accept this burden willingly and without complaint.

March 2018