Tazewell County Consolidated Communications TC3

Mission Statement


TC3 provides the citizens of and visitors to Tazewell County an immediate response to their
9-1-1 request for help in an emergency or crisis 24 hours per day. We also serve the First Responder Agencies of Tazewell County with reliable and professional radio, telephone and data communications and information in their quest to serve the public. To provide outstanding service, we consider our employees to be a team, dedicated and reliable, concentrating on the needs of those who call, working together in a calm and efficient manner.

We strive to provide a healthy, safe and efficient workplace, conducive to continuous occupancy, recognizing the emotional stress experienced at the moment of extreme need. We emphasize the importance of our judgment, acting in a patient and non-discriminatory manner, prioritizing our attention on the severity of each incident or request. We accept that technology changes and improves on a regular basis and requires constant scrutiny of the methods and practices we employ along with the training needed to improve skills and reduce mistakes.

March 2018