Tazewell County Consolidated Communications TC3


TC3 Position

Telecommunicator – Tazewell County Consolidated Communications (TC3)

The Telecommunicator is responsible for answering incoming telephone calls, determining the nature and location of the incident, complaint or request; identifying the proper units to respond and using a communications system to alert and dispatch the units. In addition, the Telecommunicator may provide pre-arrival medical instructions to the caller and other information to the responding units. The Telecommunicator records the information into TC3’s computer system and maintains a current view of the status of controlled units.

The nature of the job entails working a shift during a 24-7 operation which periodically includes working on week-ends and holidays. The level of work activity varies without a standard or predictable metric of when a peak or lull may occur. The Telecommunicator deals with major and minor incidents involving people who may be excited, emotionally unstable or depressed, physically injured or otherwise traumatized.

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